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Business models and innovation in agritourism
Business Sciences and Management Journal (BSMJ), Volume 2, Jan 2017

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Agritourism is a significant part of the tourism sector, especially in rural areas, and is a context which represents some particular opportunities as well as some challenges. However, tourism industry is so different from the primary agricultural production that combining traditional agriculture and tourism will inevitably involve introduction of a new business model. In the same vein, tourism is an extremely competitive sector and, therefore, tourism firms competitiveness depends on their innovativeness (Sundbo, Orfila?Sintes and SOrensen, 2007). Furthermore, the amount of conceptual and empirical studies on the development of tourism?oriented businesses in the farm sector is limited. The purpose of this paper is to study agritourism firms to find out how farmers incorporate tourism business into their activities, i.e what kinds of business models farmers do within agritourism use and what is the importance of these models for innovation?

Author(s): Einar Lier Madsen, Evgueni Vinogradov
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