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Social Sciences and Humanities Journal (SSHJ), Volume 2, Jan 2017

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From the theoretical perspective of Lev Vygotsky learning about the relation between reasing and development, this paper discusses the understanding of 250 families about the role of daycare in the process of educating and caring for their children. The research was conducted in a daycare center located in a middle-class neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, that only enrolls children between 04 months and 05 years of age. This paper discusses the expectations that families have when they talk to their children at the the initial interview with the psychologist at the Center The relationship between the childs age and the most common concern among families will be discussed here, in light of a vygotskian approach. We believe that families have different expectations and knowledge about learning and development according to the age of their children. The recognition of these factors by practitioners of the institution is essential so that we can give support to them in understanding and assisting he development process as well as bringing themselves to work with children in the facility. We believe that the environment in daycare and the relationship established with the families may promote the acquisition of knowledge about development of children by parents. To draw strategies for both theachers and families based on the notion of zone of proximal development, such as discussion groups with parents and caregivers, lectures, newsletters, individual and collective meetings with families,. Our results allow us to conclude that the younger the child, the more families expect that the focus of daycare stay on his/her basic needs and abilities. Meeting the basic needs of the child, and seeing to childrens growth, incorporates families concern about the educational activities.

Author(s): Vera Maria Vasconcellos , Cassia Cristina Barreto , Ana Rosa Moreira
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